How To Fix A Leaking Shower Head In 2022

A leaking shower head is one of the familiar household problems that irritate you with its constant dripping noise. Many people do not bother to fix it because of purchasing an expensive shower head and hiring a plumber on an overpriced payment. Therefore, they avoid not only leakage problems but also don’t pay attention to the water wastage from the supply line.

The reason behind it is that they are lack to perform the entire fixing process. If it does not acknowledge you about how to fix the leaking shower head, do not worry about it! Because we will guide you thoroughly from scratch. Hence, keep reading the article to understand it in a better way.

1. Disconnect the main supply line

First, switch off the primary water supply from the insulated part. Before you begin with the fixing process, it is better to turn off the water supply for your convenience. Otherwise, you will face a lot of problems while fixing the showerhead. Do not you know how to turn it off? Do not be sad! You will be required to turn off the valve placed in a supply line. In addition to it, do not forget to turn off the valve in an anti-clockwise direction.

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2. Untie the showerhead

Now, remove the showerhead from the pipe. Essentially, try to remove it by rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction. If that does not suit you, hold a screwdriver to unscrew the nails placed on the sides of the showerhead. In the meantime, you will face uncommon problems being a newbie to this work. Yet, it is better to take suggestions from an experienced one or call them to stay with you while performing it practically to save your time. Instead of using a screwdriver, you can surely experience the benefits of a hammer to get the nails out of their position.


Place a large rubber pad or a cotton pad parallel to the showerhead. As a precautionary measure, it will expect you to place it to protect the shower from severe damage. It is because your showerhead can get stuck in between the rotating process. So, it can fall at any time because of not following the strategy carefully. Hence, a large rubber pad will save you money for sure.

3. Unclog the holes

Usually, a showerhead is clogged with bacteria or fungus that causes resistance for water to pass through the hole. For that process, have a long metal pin to remove the bounded germs in a short time. For your ease, a metal pin is commonly available in the Amazon. You can order your pack of metal pin from anywhere in the world.

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4. Cleaning hacks

You might have heard from your ancestors to carry out the cleaning hacks to restrain yourself from buying expensive detergents. Are you excited to know it? Here is the best part! All the ingredients used in this hack will be precisely available in your kitchen. Sounds relieving! Right? Well, take a bowl full of water. Add four to five teaspoons of vinegar to it. Mix it well until it becomes a solution. As the last step, dip your unclogged shower head in that solution for about 24 hours. After fulfilling the period, you will notice an enormous difference in your shower head, as it will shine with neatness.

5. Install the showerhead

Before installing the showerhead, it is better to clean the outer part of the shower arm. Place the showerhead in it while rotating in a clockwise direction. Always remember to revolve it in a clockwise direction for fixation. Otherwise, it will fall in the opposite order. Tighten it up in a way that it does not rotate anymore. Then, your re-installation process will be accomplished. If this process does not suit you, you can also take the help of threads to fix it in a shower arm.

6. Test your installed shower head

Here we come to the last part of the process. Test the showerhead by turning on the main water supply line. Once the water supply flows in the insulated pipes, you can observe the showerhead. If you have followed the procedure correctly, water will not drip from it. Sometimes, water will start discharging because you might not screw the head tightly. 

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Praise yourself! We have acquired the end of the article. We have guided you thoroughly from the scrape on how to fix the leaking shower head. If you are experiencing any issues with the guide, you can generate your queries in the comment section. We will try our best to reply to you all as soon as possible. Moreover, you can also share your experience while performing it. Other people will surely learn new things from your experience.

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